The story of medicine from ancient history to its practice today, where it is deeply entrenched in science, with ground breaking research into DNA, major breakthroughs for the treatment of illness and injury, and rigorous training of the practitioners who care for patients, is one of complex weaving narratives that have become entwined in the story of modern practice. Highly illustrated with rarely seen paintings, drawings, prints, and extracts from manuscripts and manuals, in The Art of Medicine you will discover the fascinating tales our knowledge of the human body, how we pictured it across the world throughout the ages, and how, combined with our beliefs, it guided medical practice: from medieval European theories and Persian discoveries, through Aztec and Chinese understanding to the growth of medical practice as we may recognize it today, starting with the anatomical research of Andreas Vesalius in Italy through to contemporary art derived from microscopic fragments of the human body and reflections on the latest research. Brought together by the Wellcome Collection, The Art of Medicine is a unique and remarkable visual insight into what it is to be human in sickness and health.
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