The Sir Collins New Cross Fire Tribute installation located in Hackney Downs Park is an incredibly moving monument honouring those that lost their lives in the New Cross Fire in 1984 and explores Hackney’s links to the Black People’s Day of Action in the same year. The memorial was commissioned by Older Generation Younger Generation CIC (OGYG), a community organisation founded in Hackney by Charles Collins(aka Sir Collins) in 1977 and now managed by the Collins family. This commemorative installation acknowledges the work that Sir Collins did to speak out against injustice and ensure that future generations can have knowledge of their history.
On the reverse some reflections from students from BSix College who took part in writing workshops exploring history, citizenship, culture, equality and justice are displayed here.
With thanks to Gary Collins (OGYG), Emma Winch and Sam Parry (Hackney Borough Council) and Angus Slyfield (Standard 8). Fabricated using Corten weathered steel and EnamelFX; made and installed by Standard 8.
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