Installation in Norwich city centre to promote seasonal and out-of-season tourism to the Broads National Park. A series of 13 pillars made of stacked cubes of varying heights display a wealth of information about the Broads including panels on activities, indigenous animals and plant life, historical and modern photos, places to visit and factual information, art and folklore myths and legends as well as a series of concrete base blocks with sand-blasted illustrations, children’s poetries and wayfinding. The panels fabricated by printing direct-to-substrate and others laser-etched onto thick lacquered plywood. 
A Creative Giants project  
Concept, design and typography by Richard Wolfströme
Main map, plant and animal illustrations by Tom Barrett
Children's art, haikus and kennings poetries with thanks to pupils from Caister Junior School and Charter Academy
Fabrication and installation by SetWorks
Printing and laser-etching by Standard 8
The Broads Pillars installation was funded and supported by
Interred European Regional Development Fund
Norfolk County Council
Broads Authority
Norwich The City of Stories
The Forum   
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