The Modern Brighton & Hove Map is a celebration of the city’s architecture from the last 100 years. It is a telling of the city’s story to bring it up-to-date and to launch it into a future time that sees social, environmental and economic pressures on our built environment. Brighton & Hove is undergoing massive change – this map marks a point in time for the city’s past, current and future heritage and its development and regeneration.
The story of Brighton & Hove is not often narrated through its contemporary architecture – a city considered as socially and politically modern is thought of by many through an earlier architecture – its iconic regency period. Yet the city has a portfolio of exemplary and world-renowned modern buildings that have influenced design movements and been created by architects of the highest regard.
The map features a curated list of the top 50 or so buildings in the city from the Modern era onwards. The listing is arranged by architectural styles, function or era – Modernist/Art Deco, Housing, Brutalist, and Contemporary – and includes notable architectural landmarks to either side of the city along the coast. The buildings featured are residential, commercial, educational and experimental. These buildings represent all aspects of the city and are an expression of the city and its residents’ character that make it what it is today.
The map is created to be used, folded and then unfolded and used over again, on an exploration of the streets of the city to experience Brighton & Hove anew.
The Modern Brighton & Hove Map was conceived of and created by Brighton & Hove residents: Dr Cara Courage, urban researcher and placemaker; Paul Zara, architect, Conran+Partners; Richard Wolfströme, placemaker and designer; Jim Stephenson, architectural photographer.
Special thanks are due to architects Duncan Baker-Brown and Elly Ward for their curatorial expertise; to Lela Tredwell for editorial; and to map illustrator Geoff Haddon. 
Extra photos Richard Chivers, Paul Zara and Visual Air.
For a copy of the map, priced at £8 + £2 post & packaging, please get in touch directly with Paul Zara at
The project was funded by RIBA Sussex Branch, with support from the RIBA Local Initiative Fund.
Words: Dr Cara Courage
Photography Bibi Wolfstrome
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