London is probably the most mapped place on earth and today it boasts some of the world’s most advanced mapping databases, created to support the processes of maintenance and regeneration.
London is a city of great diversity. It has a long and illustrious history reflected in its buildings and monuments. But it is also a city of today, evolving and developing to meet the challenges of the twenty first century. It is in a constant state of renewal and managing that process is one of its greatest challenges.
One way to understand the London of today is to look at the huge range of modern mapping that is produced; to appreciate London’s history, you only need to delve into its cartographic legacy.
This book, a testament to the variety of the cartographic art, is published as part of the London Mapping Festival. It’s an A4 landscape hardback containing 200 pages of full colour, highly detailed maps, charts and cartograms, as well as aerial and satellite images and artist impressions ranging from the modern day back to the 17th century.
Commissioned by London Mapping Festival
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