Commissioned by Futurecity for Linden Homes, these visuals show initial designs for a well-being trail for a 100% net zero-carbon development in Chichester. This was to be the first of a number of trails around the development – others included the eco-trail, trail and artisans boulevard. The well-being trail which followed the path (just under 1km) around the adjacent park focusses on fitness, diet and well-being. The plan to work with the community to also introduce artworks and creative writing elements into the work.
The brief suggested something colourful and energetic. The ideas included creating a number of ‘carpets’ which had elements of artwork, lap-counting, dietary advice, poetry etc. which were made out of a recycled rubber material called Nike Grind (made from recycling trainers). Other elements included brass-rubbing or stainless steel etched way-marking roundels following the path and fingerposts with a totem where artworks could be changed on a regular basis.
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