The hexagon is widely considered to be a sacred shape often associated with the geometry of the natural world and is considered to be a symbol of harmony and balance. It is seen in the construction of the bee's honeycomb hive, and in the make-up of their eyes. The shape can be seen in crystals, snowflakes and in natural rock formations such as the Giants Causeway, in Ireland. It is seen on Saturn's north pole as a cloud formation and, back-down-to-Earth, the Benzene Ring (six carbon atoms joined to form a hexagon) is the basic component of many organic compounds. The number six is also considered to be a sacred number (and being the number of sides to the hexagon)
This series uses the outlines of six descending hexagons to make a geometric form which I've named Star – printed in spot metallic gold and white. 
Size: 600 x 600mm
Stock: 100% recycled Paperback Cairn board (320gsm) 
2-colour spot Pantone
Limited edition 36
Numbered, signed with blind-embossed monogram stamp for authentication
There is currently a Kickstarter campaign to help get the posters printed. If you are interested in purchasing a poster please use the link here:
Please note that due to the differences with on-screen digital colour (along with screen contrast, brightness and so on) and printed colour, the colours seen on this page are a representation only of what will be the final printed colours, and should not be considered to be accurate to the final artworks (which will be more magnificent!), although the designs seen here are the digital versions of the final artworks (see also risks and challenges note below). All frames shown are for visual purposes only – posters will be supplied unframed.
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