Chichester is a cathedral city in West Sussex, in South-East England. It is the only city in West Sussex and is its county town. It has a long history as a settlement from Roman times and was important in Anglo-Saxon times. It is the seat of the Church of England Diocese of Chichester, with a 12th-century cathedral.
Commissioned by Chichester BID to develop a design strategy for wayfinding and interpretation for the city. A complex project that sought to create sympathetic modern wayfinding which complemented this much-loved historic city and to help in the decluttering of redundant street signage, furniture and other ‘clutter’. Some existing street furniture, such as the map boards, were looked at for retro-fitting with new information design. The strategy also looked to develop city-wide trail-based interpretation and artistic interventions which proposed to also integrate with the wayfinding. The project involved the drawing of a new city map which is looking to be adopted by all stakeholders.
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