Bagelman is a Brighton ‘institution’, first opened in 1999, it quickly built a loyal following which continues to grow today. A popular eatery with four prestigious locations in the city, an identity refresh and brand design was developed for the new location at Brighton Station with plans to roll-out to the other stores.
Working with Chalk architects, who are responsible for the interior design, the new identity is a colourful expression that reflects the menu choices and delicious options of Bagelman’s extensive range of premium deli-style fillings.
The latest location at Brighton Station has integrated the full suite of design ideas that includes:
• the Bagelman wallpaper – a vibrant pattern of bagel symbols
• exterior and interior signage
• colour packaging and labels
• feedback discs die-cut as bagel shapes which are hung on the wallpaper wall as part of the pattern once filled out
and the new menu board which takes its influence from expressive and typographic fridge magnets. Designed to ‘sit’ on a fabricated back board, with linear wooden ‘runners’, menu information and prices are printed and mounted onto magnetic strips which are designed to be easily edited and changed as the menu develops. A colour coding system allows the hungry visitor to determine the bagel ‘flavour’, the specials, the ingredients, ‘make you’re own’ and the prices for hot or cold choices.
The store opened in September 2014 and immediately became a popular eating choice for commuters and visitors to the station.
Photography by Jim Stephenson.
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